Circle of Life Beaded Belts - Standard and Wide

Circle of Life Beaded Belts - Standard and Wide

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Every piece is individually handcrafted using high-quality and hard-wearing leather and hand-cast buckles & clasps. It takes on average a day for a mama to bead a dog collar and 2 days to bead a belt. The beads are hand sewn on the first layer of leather.  Our workshop in Nairobi then adds the hardware and the second layer of leather, glued & sewn to the back for softness & durability.

The Maasai mamas are given artistic freedom to express their artistic flair with each and every design, to encourage and safeguard the integrity of their culture. This is the beauty of our product offering and our wish to avoid mass-produced identical products. As such, a slight difference in design is to be expected.

Every bead color means something different to the Maasai mamas.

Red - Representing the bravery, strength, and unity of the Maasai Tribe as they face incredible challenges each day. 

Purple - Symbolizes wealth, pride, and creativity the Maasai Tribe show in their work every day.

Blue - Represents the color of the sky that provides water, energy, and sustenance for the Maasai Tribe and their livestock. 

Green - Representing the land that provides food for the Maasai Tribe and their livestock. Green symbolizes nourishment, production, the putting down of roots, and the protection of one’s territory.

Orange - Representative of the color of a gourd which is used to share milk with guests and welcome visitors into one’s home. Orange symbolizes the hospitality, generosity, friendship, and warmth of the Maasai Tribe.

Yellow - Represents the color of the sun which helps grow the grass to feed the livestock and sustain life. Yellow symbolizes the fertility and growth of the Maasai Tribe and their livestock. 

White - Represents the color of cow’s milk that provides sustained nourishment. White symbolizes purity and the health of the Maasai Tribe and their livestock.

Black - Representing the color of the people and the daily struggles they endure. Black symbolizes the unity, harmony, and solidarity of the Maasai Tribe.

Not just a pretty collar or belt – these are made to be enjoyed.

We maintain a large stock list of products but from time to time your order might need to be produced in Kenya. We will send you an email within 48 hours to let you know if your order is currently available or not. Thanks for your understanding and for shopping with us.

Call or email us with your size and we will send pictures of what we have in stock. 

Create your own too!  Let us know the pattern and colors and we can get it made for you. Can take up to 4-8 weeks. $20 custom order fee additional.


The most accurate method to measure your belt size is to measure a belt that you currently wear. The steps below outline how to determine your proper belt size using an inch measuring tape.

1. Lay your belt down flat.
2. Measure your belt from the point where the buckle is attached, to the hole that best fits you. Do not include the buckle itself in your measurement.
3. Find the corresponding measurement on the chart below to confirm your belt size. On your new belt, the length measurement will be the middle.

Please note that on each belt there are 4 sizing holes spaced 1" apart to allow for adjustments.

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